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Kym plays all the instruments and sings and he has put together a small library of works which includes an orchestral sounding rock opera based upon a book he wrote entitled Skylight.  It is the story of three main characters who experience wild and surreal dreams who are finally abducted and chosen to either build a new world or return to their mundane existence on Earth.  It tries to blend history and religion with alien abduction and the after-life.  Kym fears that despite the music being finished and the book mostly written, the project shall always remain a work in progress as the stage performance will need financial backing, a huge venue and many musicians...'Hence the reason why it hasn't happened yet! 


In 2016 Kym was lured back into playing live when he was asked to join fellow musician Lee Macey in a project which developed into rock band STATION ISLAND.  They both currently collaborate with other musicians too and between them have created various albums of work (to see more go to PROJECTS)  Kym says it is to...  

"keep my fingers moving, my voice strong and my mind open.......the journey continues"

Kym was born in Walthamstow East London and studied Art and Design at the Waltham Forest College before eventually moving to Norfolk where he continued with his main love, music.  After joining many bands too numerous to mention and performing live in many pubs, clubs and holiday camps all around East Anglia, Kym decided to put together his own projects.  He was lead vocalist to progressive rock tribute band HOLLOW EARTH playing Floyd, Yes and Genesis covers, then he played bass guitar in ska and reggae band MONKEYSPANNER along with founding member Ron Upton from Gorleston.  He teamed up with glam rockers THE GLAMSTARS for many entertaining party nights and Christmas shows, then formed a charity band RANDOM which raised money for The Blue Ribbon Foundation.  After years of performing which included small tours abroad with bands GIDEA PARK, THE VIP's and SACRED, Kym suddenly became a little disillusioned with the whole business.  He decided to retreat into his purpose built home studio in order to concentrate on just writing and recording his own songs.

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