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Suddenly, the toll of setting up, breaking down, travelling and rehearsing, became too much. 


     "I miss the gigs but it was becoming a bore to do so many nights pumping out the same things, written by other people.  So I retreated to do my own thing"

Kym dabbles with all instruments, plays and sings on his list of works in progress, and has since put together a small library of songs.  Collaborating with fellow musician Lee Macey, they have also completed a series of concept albums based upon lyrics and stories by Kym, under the name TERRA NOVA.      


Kym was lured back into playing live for a short time when he was asked to play bass in Lee's rock trio project STATION ISLAND.  It resulted in a rekindling of their love for prog and then the production of several albums.

     "It is all to keep my fingers moving, my voice strong and my mind the journey continues"

Kym was born and lived in Walthamstow, East London before eventually moving to Norfolk where he settled down and continued with his main love, music.  After joining many bands and performing live in pubs, clubs and holiday camps all around East Anglia, he decided to put together his own projects.

He was lead vocalist in progressive rock tribute band HOLLOW EARTH playing Floyd, Yes and Genesis covers, then he played bass guitar in ska and reggae band MONKEYSPANNER along with founding member Ron Upton from Gorleston.  He teamed up with glam rockers THE GLAMSTARS for many entertaining party nights and Christmas shows, then formed a charity band RANDOM which raised money for The Blue Ribbon Foundation.

Kym performed live for many years including small tours with GIDEA PARK, and THE VIP's.

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